This website is for all those who just love paper tole or would like to start the craft.


Papertole Creations (Australia) has been established for over a decade.  As you surf through the website enjoy the range of quality prints that are divided into artist and collection sections.  As the range of prints changes over time you may see a kit marked "**Only 1 left**" this indicates once the kit is sold it will not be available again in the future. Make sure to check our site regularly as it is a constant work in progress, you never know what you might find.
For your convenience you will find many prints have been repeated in different sections such as a print featuring a teddy by Gayle Rodgers will be listed under the name of the artist and under Childhood - Teddies. 
We are known for our high quality instructions with clear cut outs and descriptions of how to put the pieces together. An example of our kits with instructions can be seen in What is in a Paper Tole Kit? and How do I make a Paper Tole?
We look forward to providing you more variety in our range going into the future and to bring the skill and beauty of paper tole to an ever expanding audience.

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